Celebrate changemakers during National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate everything that Hispanic Americans—which includes people of ​​Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, and Central and South American ancestry—have contributed to American society and culture. 

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The first day of Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 and the last day is October 15—but the fun doesn’t have to end there. Learn how you can participate in Hispanic Heritage Month activities in 2022 and discover creative ways to uplift Hispanic and Latinx communities all year long.


Popular Hispanic Heritage Month activities

Hispanic Heritage Month activities are as diverse as the Spanish-speaking communities that continue to grow across the country. You could host a cultural celebration of art or music, a school community potluck featuring cuisine from students’ countries of origin, or a fundraising gala for a Latina health organization. 

Here are some other ideas for how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: 

  • 💪 Contribute to Hispanic and Latinx causes: Donate to a Hispanic cultural institution or charity, or volunteer your time to support an advocacy campaign led by Latinx youth. 
  • 💥 Start a campaign: Increase your impact by creating a fundraising campaign or event that benefits a Hispanic-led organization in your community. Engage your friends, family, and colleagues to bring in more donations than you could ever give alone. You can sign up for free on Givebutter in less than five minutes and start raising funds today!
  • 🌎 Celebrate diverse Hispanic stories: Read up on your Hispanic-American history and learn the difference between terms like Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, and Chicana. 
  • 🎉 Join in the festivities: Attend a Hispanic Heritage Month event in your community, or check out virtual events via the Library of Congress

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