Where to give on Giving Tuesday

Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has become a global phenomenon that provides millions of people the opportunity to take a break from holiday consumer spending and give back to their community.

Keep reading to find an inspiring cause to support or learn about other ways you can join in on this special day that brings out the changemaker in all of us. 💛

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How to get involved and support Giving Tuesday charities 

Whether you need help finding somewhere to send your Giving Tuesday donation or looking for additional ways to promote the mission of your favorite charity, here are some ideas for how to participate in this powerful day of giving.

  • 💸 Donate: Find a verified campaign that speaks to you. No donation amount is too small—even $5 a month can go a long way for many nonprofits. 
  • 👐 Volunteer: Check out the websites of local charities to see if there are opportunities to volunteer on Giving Tuesday, or explore VolunteerMatch for other groups that may need extra hands this holiday season.
  • 🤑 Fundraise: Encourage friends, family, and coworkers to give to your favorite cause by becoming a fundraiser this Giving Tuesday. Sign up for a free Givebutter account and start raising money for the charity of your choice (You can even submit your campaign to receive up to a $5K donation from Givebutter!).
  • 🧠 Learn: Choose a cause close to your heart and learn more about it. Watch a documentary, read the memoir of someone close to the issue, or find other available resources that can help you become a more knowledgeable advocate and supporter.
  • 🍎 Educate: Deep dive into the mission of your favorite charity, and educate your community via social media, email, text, phone calls, or even over coffee about why it exists, how it helps, and what they can do to get involved and make a difference.
  • 🗣 Advocate: Many nonprofits share opportunities to advocate for their cause on Giving Tuesday, including contacting elected officials, signing petitions, or doing some grassroots organizing to help further their mission. Check your favorite charity’s website for any forms or templates that make advocating quick and easy.

Donate on Giving Tuesday safely and securely

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Givebutter Verified Fundraisers

Find a fundraiser to support this Giving Tuesday and beyond! Thank you for joining the ranks of changemakers who are ensuring that the world becomes a butter place for everyone. 💪