Black Philanthropy Month: What it is and where to donate in 2022

What is Black Philanthropy Month?

Produced by The Women Invested to Save Earth Fund (WISE), Black Philanthropy Month is an annual, global celebration of the rich history of Black giving. It’s also a month geared toward taking social action, as it shines a light on the importance of continued investment in Black philanthropic leadership and funding equity.

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Mark your calendars because Black Philanthropy Month 2022 is happening in August! Register today to join in on the fun, and keep reading to learn more about the history behind Black Philanthropy Month, unique ways that you can participate, and verified fundraisers you can support.


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Black Philanthropy Month at a glance

đź’› What is it: A month-long global celebration and social action campaign designed to inform, involve, and inspire people to invest in Black philanthropic leadership.

đź—“ When is it: Black Philanthropy Month events and activities take place during the entire month of August. The BPM 2022 Global Summit Series kicks off on August 3 and ends on August 31. Givebutter is also celebrating Black Philanthropy Month all month long by hosting webinars, sharing success stories, and giving back $10K to Black-led nonprofits!

🔍 Why it matters: There are huge disparities when it comes to revenues and unrestricted assets between white-led and Black-led organizations. This disparity is referred to as “the giving gap” and is a product of the significant wealth and societal oppression of Black people throughout history. For example, the average revenue for Black-led, early-stage nonprofits is 24 percent lower—and the unrestricted net assets are 76 percent smaller—than that of white-led nonprofits.

🎉 Results from Black Philanthropy Month 2021: Black Philanthropy Month celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021 with 6 official events, 24 hours of programming, 1.3K+ participants, and 1M people engaged worldwide. 

💪 Theme for Black Philanthropy Month 2022: Inspired by a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., the theme for Black Philanthropy Month 2022 is to develop new strategies that will advance funding equity and take actionable steps to make a difference in the “fierce urgency of now.”

đź‘‹ Number of people involved: Since its inception, Black Philanthropy Month has engaged 19M people across 60 different countries. Plus, the United Nations and more than 45 official governmental bodies have recognized and proclaimed that August is Black Philanthropy Month.


Which organizations are involved in Black Philanthropy Month?

Black Philanthropy Month was founded by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland in 2001. Thanks to the support from an organization called Reunity (formerly known as the Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network), Black Philanthropy Month kicked off its first official global summit in 2011. The mission of Black Philanthropy Month has since been propelled forward by more than 30 diverse women leaders throughout the global Black Diaspora. 

Black Philanthropy Month is currently sustained by its backbone organization—also founded by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland—The Women Invested to Save Earth Fund (The WISE Fund). Volunteers, committee leaders, and generous sponsors (including signature charity partner, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) also help make Black Philanthropy Month in-person and virtual events possible.

Learn more about the history of Black Philanthropy Month

At its core, Black Philanthropy Month is a way to honor African-American and African-descent giving in all its forms. There is such a rich history of generosity in Black communities, as Black families, churches, and other social organizations were forced to find ways to uplift and support community members through a long history of racial discrimination and prejudice.

Black philanthropy is not a new concept—the practice of giving to those in need within Black communities has been around for centuries! And that legacy still lives on today. Studies have shown that out of all racial and ethnic groups, Black families have contributed the largest proportion of their wealth to charity since 2010—despite a long history of structural barriers that have prevented Black communities from building generational wealth and have created a clear equity gap. Even so, two-thirds of Black households donate to charity and give 25 percent more of their income annually than white households. Black community members are also more likely to give in ways that can’t be as easily monetized, such as volunteering their time and providing in-kind donations to neighbors in need. Giving is a common feature of Black communities worldwide.

Black Philanthropy Month highlights this history and calls for others to recognize the importance of continuing to invest in Black philanthropic leadership and fighting for funding equity.

How to get involved in Black Philanthropy Month 2022

Investing in Black philanthropic leadership means investing in a better future for all! Join us and millions of other changemakers who are uplifting powerful Black stories of change and helping Black-led organizations make the world a better (and more equitable) place. Not sure where to start? Here are some ways you can make a difference this August: 

Explore Black Philanthropy Month’s Community Participation Guide for more ways to get involved → 

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