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Grace Woodward
October 28, 2021
April 19, 2022

Giving Tuesday is a celebration of global generosity that connects millions of people with ways to get involved in causes they care deeply about and to find new ones. This holiday is so significant that 63% of Giving Tuesday donors only give on Giving Tuesday, meaning a lot of people are shopping around, looking to support something they’re passionate about.

You’ll have many new people visiting your website, social media platforms, and contacting you about how to join your mission this November 30th, which is great news! But it won’t happen all by magic—you’ll have to put some thought and effort into planning how you’ll market your organization, cause, or campaign to a larger audience.

🌈 Make your campaign multichannel

While you don’t have to utilize every platform that’s out there to amplify your Giving Tuesday campaign—I see you, folks who are running far away from TikTok—it is a best practice to share content on multiple channels. You’ll certainly see engagement from younger people; 48% of young people discover nonprofits via social media and 59% of Gen Zs are inspired to donate to charity by a message or image they saw on social media.

On a day like Giving Tuesday where a lot of messages will be posted, you’ll want to share your campaign anywhere you can to cover all your bases. Assess where your biggest audience is and put the most effort in there. Pick several channels:

→ Email

→ Facebook

→ Twitter

→ Instagram

→ LinkedIn

→ YouTube

→ Partner social media channels

→ Podcasts (as a paid sponsor or guest)

→ Radio stations

→ Newspaper

→ Paid social ads

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: Spruce up your website and social media pages ahead of Giving Tuesday. November 30th is the ultimate day to share your organization’s impact, so make sure your mission and organization shine everywhere you have a digital presence! </div>

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Use the power of peer-to-peer fundraising

The beauty of a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is that you’ll essentially ask current supporters to amplify your mission to their friends, family, and colleagues, bringing new supporters to your mission easily. P2P fundraising is one of the best strategies new and seasoned organizations can use to widen their following. Even if someone chooses not to donate, they could still learn about your mission, follow your organization on social media, or sign up to volunteer.

Givebutter makes peer-to-peer fundraising interactive and fun! Check out how to make your P2P campaign a smash success this Giving Tuesday!

💛 Host a virtual or in-person volunteer day

People love to give back with in-kind donations or volunteer hours, and they love to show that they’re doing something positive on social media. Even without asking for financial contributions, you may end up with some by offering different ways to join your campaign this Giving Tuesday.

For instance, the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois launched a Giving Tuesday campaign where they encouraged their community to do random acts of kindness throughout the day. They used Givebutter to receive donations as one suggested act of kindness and raised over $6,000!

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: For virtual volunteer engagements, you can livestream your event right on your Givebutter page! THE PLACE hosted a livestream event that showed various community members participating in a massive “sleep out” to raise awareness for youth homelessness. They were able to raise over $30K for their cause!</div>

🤝 Collaborate with a community partner, influencer, or sponsor

If you have a small business, influencer, or corporate partner who has been looking for a way to support your mission, consider partnering with them for a special Giving Tuesday promotion! By collaborating with another network, you both will reap the benefits of exposing your platforms to new people, strengthening your community overall!

Put this strategy into action:

→ Secure sponsorships for your Giving Tuesday event

→ Reach out to local businesses or restaurants to get proceeds of sales donated to your cause in honor of Giving Tuesday

→ Use a corporate matching gift

→ Go live with an influencer or celebrity

💸 Emphasize the significance of smaller donations, too

Some people are intimidated by donating simply because they feel the amount they are able to donate won’t be enough to make a difference. However, those of us in fundraising know a large amount of small donations can go a long way.

Empower supporters through customized donation amounts, labeled with how donations as low as $5 or $10 will make a real-life impact for your organization. Or, make your campaign centered around a particular donation amount: The Dream Center launched a Giving Tuesday campaign on Givebutter where they specifically asked for $20 and ended up raising over $20k!

📣 Train your board of directors to be ambassadors of your cause

Your Board members signed up to be outstanding advocates of your mission and they each have their own unique network to expose to your Giving Tuesday campaign. Prepare them with a document or toolkit of talking points, information about your Giving Tuesday campaign, and social media assets so they can help amplify your cause all day long!

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: Ask each of your board members to create and share their own fundraising page as a part of your Givebutter peer-to-peer campaign. By sharing why supporting your cause is important to them, they will inspire others to do the same.</div>

💞 Create a leadership council or ambassador program

There are most likely a lot of people who want to support your organization but might not have the time or financial resources to become a volunteer or Board member. Meet these folks in the middle by organizing a leadership council or ambassador program! These folks can help elevate your Giving Tuesday event or campaign by sharing it with their social circles and colleagues. Groups like these are also great entry points for people who might want to become Board members or staff in the future!

📊 Use Track to identify new donors

Givebutter’s new Track tool is the world’s first free nonprofit CRM! Track makes it easy to analyze supporter activity by retaining donor information and history. This way, you can decipher who from your Giving Tuesday campaign is a new supporter, allowing you to send them a warm welcome to your community! In the age of data analysis, this information is helpful in assessing what marketing strategies are working best for your organization.

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: Donors who are thanked for their gift within 48 hours are four times more likely to give again. Track your new donors and segment them using Contact Tags so you can send a thank you message through Givebutter's Engage tool—all for free and in the same place!</div>

✊ We’re on a mission to empower the changemaker in all of us

And that's why we’re providing you with all the tools and resources you need to raise more, give better, and unleash generosity this Giving Tuesday. We can’t wait to see how you rally support for your good cause on November 30th and beyond!

‍Ready to make your Giving Tuesday campaign butter than ever this year? Create your free account on Givebutter today!

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Grace Woodward

Grace Woodward

Givebutter Digital Marketing Manager

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